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Ghar Sahulat Scheme - Purchase

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Citizenship:
    • Resident Pakistani
    • Non Resident Pakistani
  2. Facility of Applicant / Co-applicant  / Guarantor:
    • Primary (or Single) & Co-applicant allowed
    • Co-applicant must be an immediate family member
    • Guarantor must be a family member having inheritance right in the property to be mortgaged
  3. Age of Applicant / Co-applicant  / Guarantor:
    • Salaried: 18 – 57 years
    • Self-employed Businessmen / Self-Employed Professionals: 18 – 62 years
  4. Income Criteria:
    • Verifiable net disposable monthly income
  5. Employment / Business / Professional Tenure:
    • Salaried: Minimum 1 year continuous employment
    • Self-employed Businessmen / Professionals: Minimum 2 years in current business / industry

Product Features

  Ghar Sahulat Scheme - Purchase
Income Criteria Verifiable net disposable monthly income
Facility Amount
  • Up to PKR 25,000,000/- to affluent individuals of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad / Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Peshawar and Quetta
  • Up to PKR 10,000,000/- in all other areas
Facility Tenure 3 – 20 years
Profit Rate
  • Salaried: 1 Year KIBOR * + 3.00%
  • Self-employed Businessmen: 1 Year KIBOR * + 3.50%
  • Self-employed Professionals: 1 Year KIBOR * + 3.50%

* Yearly re-pricing on each anniversary of financing.

Pricing 1 Year KIBOR of last working day of the previous month mentioned on SBP’s official website shall be applied for fresh and renewal case during the following whole month.
Loan To Value (LTV) Ratio / HBFC’s Share Up to 70% on the basis of market value assessed by valuator (of the property to be mortgaged) or purchase value, whichever is lower
Balloon Payment Amount should be greater than or equal to 10% of the outstanding principal amount
Insurance / Takaful

Life Insurance and Property Takaful coverage to the extent of financing amount

* Insurance / Takaful Companies on HBFC's Approved Panel

Collateral Specifications
  • The construction is as per the approved building plan

  • For the front coastal line for e.g. front row of Sea View Township and Darakhshan Villas, DHA / Clifton Karachi, subject to the soundness certificate from approved PBA Valuer.

Schedule of Charges


  Ghar Sahulat Scheme - Purchase
Application Processing Fees
  • Financing up to PKR 4,500,000/- : processing fees is PKR 2,000/-
  • Financing above PKR 4,500,000/- : processing fees is PKR 5,000/-
Income Estimation Charges
  • Salaried: PKR 2,100/- to PKR 5,500/-Employees of Govt., Semi-Govt., Companies listed in Stock Exchange and Non-Resident Pakistani: Nil
  • SEB / SEP: PKR 3,000/- to PKR 5,500/-
Property Valuation Charges
  • Flat: PKR 2,000/-
  • House: PKR 2,500/-
    (Plus PKR 500/- to PKR 700/- in case of construction case before releasing the third tranche)
Title Clearance Charges *

At Actual

* To be borne by the Customer

Medical Examination for SLIC Life Insurance Clearance At Actual
Legal Documentation Charges *

At Actual

* To be borne by the Customer

Late Payment Charges PKR 1,000/- on each overdue monthly payment
Balloon Payment Charges Nil
Early Settlement Charges Nil
Penalty for Each Missed Payment PKR 1,000/-
Storage Charges

PKR 100/- per month

(if mortgaged property documents are not collected within 90 days from the date of account closing)



Naya Pakistan, Naya Ghar

Low-Cost Housing Finance Scheme under the Prime Minister’s Vision

Eligibility Criteria:

§  All Pakistani nationals holding valid CNIC

§  The customer must not own any residential housing unit / apartment and will be first time home owner

§  Facility will be available for only once to an individual.

§  Facility will be for construction and first purchase of newly constructed affordable housing unit.


Financing Limit:

Tier I

Up to PKR 2,700,000/-

Tier II

Up to PKR 3,000,000/-

Tier III

Up to PKR 5,000,000/-


Monthly Income:




§  For Residents:

Must minimum be meeting specified DBR for requested financing


§  For non-Residents:

 Minimum  Rs. 50,000/- per month

§  For Tier I and Tier II:

Up to Rs. 100,000/- individual or Rs. 140,000/- household


§  For Tier III:

Up to Rs. 200,000/- individual or Rs. 250,000/- household


Income Clubbing:

·         As per prevalent policy applicable for borrower, co-borrower and guarantor


Financing Tenor:

·         10/15/20 Years (depending upon choice of the customer)


Loan To Value Ratio (LTV)

·         Up to 70 : 30



Tier  I


Tier II

§  Fixed @ 5%  per annum for 1st 05 years

§  Fixed @ 7% per annum for next 05 years

§  Floating rate of 01 Y KIBOR + 2.0 % p.a.

(with floor of 7% and ceiling of 12% to be charged after 10 years)

Tier III

§  Fixed @ 7%  per annum for 1st 05 years

§  Fixed @ 9% per annum for next 05 years

§  Floating rate of 01 Y KIBOR + 2.5 % p.a.

(with floor of 8% and ceiling of 13% to be charged after 10 years)


Collateral Specification:

Tier I

Housing units / apartments of up to 125 SY (up to 05 Marla) with covered area of up to 850 SF and priced (market value) at maximum of Rs. 3.50 Mn (built under NAPHDA projects).

Tier II

Housing units / apartments of up to 125 SY (05 Marla) with covered area of up to 850 SF and priced (market value) at maximum of Rs. 3.50 Mn.

Tier III

Housing units of more than 125 SY up to 250 SY (10 Marla) or apartments with covered area from more than 850 SF to 1100 SF and priced (market value) at maximum of Rs. 6.00 Mn.





Last updated on: 20 Oct, 2020